Me & You, You & Me

I want to adore you

I want you to adore me

When I am down

I want you to carry me

And I will carry you

When you are sad

I promise to cheer you up

And you will me

I will always give you all of me

even in my broken times

and you give me all of you

You will teach me

to be the best version of me

I will teach you too

midsection of woman making heart shape with hands
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Through it it will be Me & You

& You & Me

Forever & Always







The roof of a teepee I just randomly fell upon walking on the beach. Tried to spend some time sitting in it but my faithful puppy was too excited and I feared she would wreck it. So picture had to be taken from outside. #RoofSquares


Loneliness haunts me

Reaches within me

Chokes me

Looking for the light

Reaching out

Rescue me

From me

This loneliness is mine

So dark

causing me

To remain


This loneliness is mine

Loneliness haunts me


moon and stars

In our darkest moments..

we feel a moment of nothingness

we feel like we will never become again

we feel alone

we feel fear of all we know

we feel everything…

then the darkness lifts

light emerges

we come back again

but not the same


Sometimes the darkness

holds parts of us captive


it lifts us above

and we become renewed

we become new

then again

comes the



we feel……



sunsetsToday I will let you go

It is not without regret

I have felt so many times

My wanting is to hold on


Today I will let you go

I will take the steps

Erase your memory heart

My wanting is to hold on


Today I will let you go

I will wash you from my soul

Of all of you that has

Touched me deeply

My wanting is to hold on


Today I will let you go

I will leave behind

All that was you

All that was us

Only to look back briefly

As my wanting is to hold on

To never let you go



Today I will let you go

It Never Happens the Way We Think It Will Happen

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imagesI am walking my dog when it happens. The woman does not see me. The woman does not see my dog. The woman points her car my way and guns it, and when I see she doesn’t see me—doesn’t see my bright blue shirt nor my arm waving ‘hello neighbor’ in the air nor my big yellow lab standing at the side of her driveway—I dive to my right and the bumper of her car clips my hip and I tumble down and over the newly-mowed grass of her lawn and the next thing I know I’m lying there, just lying there, pushing to get up and looking at my dog looking down at me with her tail wagging, wagging wagging wagging. The dog licks my hand. We are alive, the dog seems to say. We are okay.

For the last decade I’ve been walking my dogs in a downtown…

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